New Digital Agency Kit for Elementor

Elementor introduces monthly Site Kits

Each month Elementor will be releasing new Template Kit’s built and designed by our talented designers at Elementor. Today we’re adding a Digital Agency kit with 12 templates which are PERFECT for targeting small business owners!

Looking for the simplest way to launch a professional website for your business? Check out Elementor’s new variety of lightweight, elegant and flexible template kits for Digital Agencies, which you can seamlessly customize to fit your business needs.

Elementor takes all the hard work out of building your website and introduce the first Site Template Kit this month for August.

Build an Entire WordPress Website With their Monthly Template Kits, including: a Header, a Footer, a 404 page, a Blog Archive & Single blog, a Popup and many more inspiring templates.

The pro version of Elementor is needed to complete the full site including headers and footers however you can still use the template kits using your own themes header and footer.

Beautifully designed and ready to go

Digital Agency Site Kits

The templates are clean and lightweight, with no extra code added. This is important both in terms of improving their compatibility and extend-ability, and to ensure the pages built with these templates load fast and show high performance in terms of page speed. See the Templates here

This is what the guys at Elementor say

  • Understand the best practices for using Elementor and get inspired. Even if you are not the template-using type, you can still use templates as a source of inspiration for your own design.
  • Build an entire website. Use this kit to build an entire site where all the elements and pages fit perfectly together.
  • Discover our latest features. We did our best to create versatile templates that take full advantage of Elementor and its widgets and features. Inside the kit. you will find clever uses for popups, motion effects, blend modes, and other key features.
  • Enjoy templates built by Elementor’s own designers. Delivering this template kit allows us to showcase our own understanding of the very tool we built.
  • Professional designers, get a jumpstart with your design. Template kits provide a great shortcut for all the grunt work that accompanies the design process.
  • Less skilled designers, this will get you sorted! If you are starting out with Elementor, or lack the experience to create high-end designs, this template set will certainly come in handy.

Responsive Design

A template that has not been pre-designed for mobile is about as useful as a chocolate teapot!
Don’t worry, we made sure the entire template set works perfectly on any device. But, don’t just take my word for it! Pick up your hand-held brick, and bring up one of our kit pages. It will all scroll exactly right.

Motion Effects

As you scroll through the different pages and areas, you’ll notice the clean and subtle use of Elementor’s motion effects. Motion effects can be like too much of a good thing. Use sparingly for classy beautiful results

What’s Included

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Clients Page
  • Contact us Page
  • Services
  • Single Services Page
  • 404 Page
  • Blog Archive
  • Blog Single
  • Pop Up
  • Header
  • Footer

I will be customising this template for you shortly which you are welcome to download to use or alter yourself.


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